Disable Windows 10 user accounts

I allow my sons to use my Windows 10 laptop, but they are having a hard time controlling their usage.  Here is a quick way to completely disable an account so that it does not show up on the login screen – with the added benefit of being able to bring it back when you wish.

net user thing1 /active:no

To enable the account, set active to yes.

Dramatic improvement by replacing ActiveRecord loop with single SQL query

Autovist’s worker process started producing hundreds of Heroku R14 “memory quota exceeded” errors:

But we haven’t added any new jobs recently.  What’s going on?

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Pre-calculating vaccine ingredients: from PostgreSQL to HTML data-*

The VIC pre-calculates ingredient amounts in order to dramatically speed-up performance.  This article describes how its done and why AJAX would be the absolute worst way of doing dynamic calculations on a complex set of variables.

The VIC delivers a tiny database to the browser inside the Ingredient Report page. The data is stored as HTML data-* and the engine is Javascript. “By adding data-* attributes, even ordinary HTML elements can become rather complex and powerful program-objects.” [1]

Once the Ingredient Report is loaded…

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Experimental features: randomized slowdowns + retweet chains

Normally, Autovist broadcasts every hour at a random time within the hour.  I created a new Twitter account for Autovist itself, but don’t want hourly tweets yet until we build up at least 100 messages.  Autovist already has a built in check to make sure the same tweet is not broadcasted within the same 12-hour period.  But I wanted to add some randomized behavior on top of that:

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