I do a lot of work with Landmark Worldwide (take courses, assist with courses as Presentation Manager and as future Course Supervisor).  The most powerful aspect of our work has to do with Integrity.  This post includes Course Leader statement on Integrity and related articles and papers.  This is a reference filing (meaning: resources I’ve gathered and organized, not created).

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Disable Windows 10 user accounts

I allow my sons to use my Windows 10 laptop, but they are having a hard time controlling their usage.  Here is a quick way to completely disable an account so that it does not show up on the login screen – with the added benefit of being able to bring it back when you wish.

net user thing1 /active:no

To enable the account, set active to yes.

Dramatic improvement by replacing ActiveRecord loop with single SQL query

Autovist’s worker process started producing hundreds of Heroku R14 “memory quota exceeded” errors:

But we haven’t added any new jobs recently.  What’s going on?

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