Dramatic improvement by replacing ActiveRecord loop with single SQL query

Autovist’s worker process started producing hundreds of Heroku R14 “memory quota exceeded” errors:

But we haven’t added any new jobs recently.  What’s going on?

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Pre-calculating vaccine ingredients: from PostgreSQL to HTML data-*

The VIC pre-calculates ingredient amounts in order to dramatically speed-up performance.  This article describes how its done and why AJAX would be the absolute worst way of doing dynamic calculations on a complex set of variables.

The VIC delivers a tiny database to the browser inside the Ingredient Report page. The data is stored as HTML data-* and the engine is Javascript. “By adding data-* attributes, even ordinary HTML elements can become rather complex and powerful program-objects.” [1]

Once the Ingredient Report is loaded…

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Experimental features: randomized slowdowns + retweet chains

Normally, Autovist broadcasts every hour at a random time within the hour.  I created a new Twitter account for Autovist itself, but don’t want hourly tweets yet until we build up at least 100 messages.  Autovist already has a built in check to make sure the same tweet is not broadcasted within the same 12-hour period.  But I wanted to add some randomized behavior on top of that:

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Autovist broken-URL notification

Isn’t just awful when a great link you’ve been sharing breaks?  Perhaps the content has been removed or the website has been reorganized.  As busy online activists, we don’t have the time to check all the links we share. Especially when we use Autovist and have thousands of tweets in our knowledge-base, checking links becomes unmanageable.

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