Founded by Chris Downey in 2014, VaxCalc Labs creates software that supports the human right to informed consent for everybody everywhere.  VaxCalc Labs is an outgrowth of his volunteer work for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org), where he started as a part-time paid consultant in 2007 but was so touched, moved and inspired by the experiences of the founders and volunteers that he soon became a volunteer himself.  Chris now serves as Volunteer Director of Database Management and Software Developer responsible for the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator, a web application that allows consumers to compare vaccine ingredients, select vaccine brands and particular vaccine combinations that minimize exposures to various toxic ingredients, and ultimately, create individualized Vaccination Plans for their children.

Chris is a CHE Partner, where he lurks on scientific email lists attempting to keep up with and understand the latest science on important issues such as integrative health, cancer, technology, healthy aging and more.  Some of the research informs the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator.

Based upon his volunteer work in social media for NVIC, Chris created the Vaccine Tweet Machine, which evolved into Autovist as word grew and more activists and advocates wanted to have access to its unique capabilities.  Autovist is now a small commercial service (properly described as an ittybiz).  VaxCalc Labs, LLC was originally formed in order to use Stripe to collect subscription payments.

Chris has a graduate degree in Organizational Management and has been developing software for more than 20 years. At his previous position, he was responsible for building an Inventory Control/Warehouse Management system with more than 50,000 items worth $125 million. His primary technical skill set includes SQL (PostgreSQL, SQL Server), Ruby, Rails, git, HTML5 + Bootstrap, Mac OS X, Linux, Heroku, VMware vCloud Director with some AWS thrown in.

He earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Syracuse University where he developed an accidental interest in computers. After graduation, he secured a position at IBM where he managed computer hardware and learned computer programming. He then worked for a defense contractor where he prepared on-demand dBase reports under high-pressure situations during the Somali Operation Restore Hope. Afterwards, he worked for the Federal Reserve Board and developed trading history systems for two Wall Street firms. In 1998, he founded and managed 2s2i, the first “Internet monitoring” company that endeavored to understand – rather than manipulate – consumer perspectives.


Chris Downey

Founder, VaxCalc Labs and creator of Autovist and the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator.